Sunset over the Tetons with the 4K fam #teamportland2014
[Day 49]: Biked through Shoshone National Park yesterday and into the Grand Tetons. Life is grand. #livelikejamie
Thanks for being awesome today @thegoldenmitch @djohns9331 😘😘 #teamportland2014
[Day 48]: Biked through a Native American reservation today. Some of the best scenery yet! #teamportland2014
[Day 47]: Biked 120 miles on Jamie’s bike from Rock Springs to Lander, WY. What a beautiful day! Thank you @jrobstaaaa #milesforjamie
Slay Mitch, slayyy ✌️
[Day 44]: I think today was the best day of my life. #teamportland2014 78 Rocky Mountain #milesforjamie
I did it! Climbed the Rockies!! This is for you, Jamie! #teamportland2014

Water van adventures with @emmyl14 #teamportland2014 #livelikejamie

It’s officially been a month @jrobstaaaa. It hasn’t been the same without you. Hope you’ve been eating lots of Oreos and hotdogs for us, we’ve been kind of eating healthy lately. Missing you always Dancin Lobstaaa 😘😘 #teamportland2014 #milesforjamie #livelikeJamie
[Day 40]: Rest day in Boulder. Tell me why I don’t live here already! #teamportland2014
[Day 39]: Denver ➡️ Boulder #teamportland2014
#unicornsohard @swiftcycle in Boulder, CO! Made it here from Baltimore, MD! Portland bound!
Only @victorlandreth and I would find a garden in #Denver and volunteer for a while during our tour of the city. Eat local y’all 🍆🍅🌽
Feeling infinite today 😊